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Birds & Bees

We’re always thinking about the wildlife that we share our gardens with. Birds, pollinators, and beneficial predatory insects are critical to the health of our ecosystems. In addition to the plants we carry that support birds and insects, we also have bird seed, suet, and feeders to provide a little extra nutrition to our feathered neighbors.

Mason bees are extremely important to have in the garden. These native pollinators are active in early spring, before most other pollinators are doing their work. They happen to be pretty adorable as well! In late winter, we sell locally-sourced mason bee cocoons to be released into the garden. We carry mason bee houses, replacement nesting tubes, and other supplies to help foster your local population. We also have free classes to lead you through best practices of setting up your mason bee habitat and harvesting the cocoons in the fall.

Do you want to learn more about supporting your backyard birds and bees? Here are some of our favorite resources:

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