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Soil & Fertilizer

Photos by Sara Wright Photography

Healthy soil is essential to a thriving garden. Amending the soil with compost creates porosity and moisture retention, as well as providing organic matter to feed the microbial life. This all adds up to a nutritious environment for our plant friends.

We carry Gardner & Bloome products to improve any type of soil: Soil Building Conditioner, Purely Compost, Harvest Supreme, Raised Bed Mix, Acid Planting Mix, Topsoil, Chicken Manure, and Hemlock Mulch.

For your containers, we have Gardner & Bloome, Fox Farm, and Seacoast (peat-moss-free) potting soils.

Many plants benefit from adding fertilizer to the soil. We carry Down to Earth and Gardner & Bloome granular fertilizers and a variety of liquid fertilizers from Fox Farm, Neptune’s Harvest, and Pacific Northwest Organics.

We even have a liquid fertilizer made from wastewater, harvested rain, and solar power from the PAE Living Building right here in Portland!

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